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Hello Friend

Alana Frederick

Founder & Speech Pathologist

Alana is a qualified Speech Pathologist and a practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia. 

She has worked as a Speech Pathologist in Private Practice for 9 years, with the past 7 of those being based in Ipswich and its surrounds. 

Alana loves working with paediatric clients and has completed additional study as well as participated in many workshops and seminars to broaden her knowledge to best support early speech, language and literacy development. 

Alana has also completed a Masters of Autism Studies to gain a better understanding of how to support children with an Autism diagnosis and has participated in additional classes in Auslan to have this as an additional skill. 

Hello Friend's Story

Hello Friend Speech Pathology was founded in 2022, with the aim to provide group sessions and workshops in the community to make speech pathology support accessible to all. 


As a Mum to 2 beautiful children, Lucy (3) & Liam (1),  Alana has had the opportunity to get out into the community and participate in many of the activities on offer in Ipswich, Springfield and their surrounds. Whilst attending these activities, Alana met many families who reported a lack of information about communication milestones and development who were interested in gaining knowledge and support which sparked the idea for Hello Friend Speech Pathology.

With long waiting lists for speech pathology services, an opportunity arose to bring speech pathology knowledge into the community, to help families to feel reassured and confident in supporting their child's communication development. Hello Friend Speech Pathology is currently running speech pathology group sessions in both Ipswich and Springfield to support early speech, language and literacy development as well as baby sign. Hello Friend Speech Pathology is also offering screening and comprehensive assessment sessions to those seeking more information. With further expansion to provide consistent parent workshops in community spaces as well as resources to support development at home, Hello Friend Speech Pathology is striving to ensure speech pathology support is available to the children in our community. 

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